Why Drive Strategy?

At it’s core, DRIVE comes from our passion for moving strategic thinking forward and avoiding the potholes along the road of innovation. Literally, it is an acronym for the design thinking process (Discovery, Research, Insights, Validation and Execution). For you, it means a partner that can help drive corporate strategy through your organization with human-centered design practices.



Chicago-based FEI (Front End of Innovation) specialists Doug Stone and Brett Miller are continuing their successful partnership as Drive Strategy after nine years of award winning work at Maddock Douglas.



Doug Stone

Doug helps organizations by turning corporate strategy into a design material, and that drives top-line revenue. He has pioneered the use of cognitive models and active innovation portfolio management to remove many of the common obstacles clients encounter.

Brett Miller

Brett helps organizations gain innovation traction and results through the design and facilitation of co-creation experiences. He is a pioneer and expert in the world of innovation insights, cross-pollinated ideation sessions, customized lateral thinking exercises, futurist labs and innovation portfolio workshops.