We realize that you may need to kick the tires when it comes to partnering with a new innovation consultancy. Knowing that, we developed a “test drive” offering within each of our service lines. Each offering is scoped to be completed in three weeks and provides your company with a valuable innovation asset. Use our Contact Us form to schedule a time to discuss a Test a DRIVE or any of our services.

1Discovery — Innovation Process Check-up
Take advantage of the fact that we have worked with internal innovation groups for the past nine years. In a short three weeks, we will provide an Innovation Process Check-up using the basic framework from the PDMA Innovation Maturity Model.
2Research — Research Theme Analysis & Cognitive Model Recommendation
We have poured over, conducted and analyzed a tremendous amount of consumer research. In doing so, we realized using cognitive models from the practice of psychology helped better utilize the research for innovation. Learn which cognitive models can improve the application of consumer research toward innovation after we take three weeks to review yours.
3Insights — Current Research Review and Innovation Insight Platform Development
We have over a decade of experience developing, testing and activating on innovation insights. Let us take a peek under your research hood and make some expert recommendations. In three weeks, we will review your existing research/“jobs to be done”/insights and develop of up to 20 innovation insight platforms and make recommendations for the road forward.
4Validation — Concept Grids
Do you have ideas that will drive growth in your organization that are not clearly defined? That isn’t unusual, and we solved that many times by unpacking the idea into its component parts. We call this a concept grid. In three weeks, we will work with you to clarify and refine the idea so that the main value proposition is clearly communicated and testable.
5Execution — Project Prioritization and Resourcing Drivers
Active portfolio management ensures that your overall innovation investment will consistently increase your company’s value. The decision-making process around that portfolio is driven by metrics, trends and power. In three weeks, we will provide you with an analysis of how these drivers are influencing your current project prioritization and resourcing decisions.